Friday, June 30, 2006

Three Helpful Thoughts

It is a human tendency to attribute the worst possible motives for behavior in others that we do not undestand. - Wayne Rice, Junior High Ministry. I worked with teenagers for 25 years so I have a fairly large collection of insights from youth ministry "gurus". Reviewing my journal, this was a very timely reminder. God alone knows the ture, deepest, motives of others. When I put this thought with yesterday's post I get some helpful insight! Years ago while reading Rebuilding Your Broken World by confessed sinner Gordon MacDonald I was struck by his offhanded comment about how when we are in the midst of sin, or when we are covering up sin, we will usually call it something else - indescretion, poor judgement, etc. We will diminish it at every chance. At least that was my interpretation of his parenthecal comment on p. 48). Been there, done that, the T-shirt wasn't worth it. "There are two books that will give into the state of an individual Christian -- his checkbook and his appointment book. Both demontrate his commitments." My pastor said this over 15 years ago, and I have to believe that it is still true. These two (usually secret) things probably say more about my heart than just about anything else.

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